Bionic tile

Ceramic tiles that purify the air (NOx and HNO3 Reduction)

“Turn buildings into trees and cities into forests”

BIONICTILE® by CERACASA is available in Australia exclusively through Timeless Tiles.

BIONICTILE® is a porcelain tile with the capacity to destroy harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx) which are in the air. These NOx are present in the combustion process (pollution from cars and industries). Using a special design and a patented glaze which causes NOx to react with UV sun rays and humidity, BIONICTILE® turns the NOx into very small quantities of nitrates and nitrites, which are inert and harmless to human health. BIONICTILE® is an eco-efficient product that provides great value. It reduces the impact on the environment which is direct, measurable, immediate and continuous. Best of all, BIONICTILE® is maintenance free.

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